Dear Mother In Law……

Dear Mother In Law:

Protect Your Trucks Headlights With Husky Liners Husky Shield Headlite Guard

 As I was dropping off our son the other day for a visit with his grandmother (my mother in law) I noticed that her brand new trucks headlight was cracked. Yikes, I thought but didn’t say anything.  When she returned our son later that day she mentioned that while driving on the freeway a rock bounced off the road and hit her headlight, cracking it. 


She mentioned that she went to two shops and that because of the make and model of her truck, the headlight’s replacement cost would be around 400.00.  Four hundred dollars?  For a headlight? Oh my.  She was wondering if there was a way to prevent this from happening again, and I said what most women would say “Uhh I don’t know anything about headlights”.

But… maybe I could find out how to prevent this,  so I looked around online,  and found that by installing a Husky Shield Headlite Guard by Husky Liners is how to protect one’s headlights.


This impact/UV resistant,  urethane film is placed over the headlight in order to protect it from rocks, sand and debris.  Now we know, and best of all,  my husband is excited to install theseon her truck after watching this  great  installation video.