• This Chair Is Just The Right Size

    Large People Can Be Comfortable Camping With The Camping Chair By Rhino Rack

    Our friends love to join us camping, however; recently they have been unable to get away for the weekend. They have an elderly parent who lives with them who is very large and prefers to sit most of the time. Their parent has been unable to camp comfortably because they have not had a camping chair that could accommodate his weight which is around 300lbs.

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  • Camping Fail

    Camping Fail Could Have Been Solved With An LED Light

    We had a blast camping last weekend and the only challenging thing we faced was that at dark,  we realized that all of the flashlights were buried in our friend Joe’s truck,  under his hard-shell tonneau cover.  It was pitch black out and it was bed time for the kids who were standing by asking us why we couldn’t find the flashlights and why didn’t we use a flashlight to find them?!?! Needless to say after a long day of hiking, swimming, and cooking the adults were not in the mood to be digging blindly for the flashlights. 

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  • Marital Bliss

    Marital Bliss With The Ventvisor Elite By Lund International

    My husband and son both like to ride with the windows down; they have that in common with our dog who prefers to travel that way also. Since I am outnumbered we came to a compromise that since mommy doesn’t like it, we will drive with the windows down in town, and when we are on the freeway we will drive with them up with the a/c or heater on.

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  • Jane Has Done It Again

    Jane Has Done It Again With Lloyd’s Rubbertite Custom Fit Floor Mats

     Our family made plans with my friend Jane and her family for the 4th of July. We decided that since they have two large SUV’s that the husband’s would ride up to the lake with the kids,  and Jane and I would ride together,  alone…. in peace and quiet.  Jane has 4 boys ranging from ages  6-12, 3 golden retrievers, and 4 horses.  I had ridden with my friend many times before and often wondered silently how she felt about her very expensive luxury SUV having mud and hay throughout it?

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  • Ban The Board To Load Your Vehicle

    Ban The Board And Load Your Vehicle With Trailer Loading And Hauling Ramps By Race Ramps 

    I have to admit that I have often wondered how vehicles are loaded on to trailers using  wood ramps. I guess I assumed that the people loading the vehicle would have many wood planks so that when one broke they would have a spare. But now that I think of it,  that would be a really intense situation if a Ferrari was being loaded and the wood plank broke, yikes. 

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