The Lunatic Driver In Me

The Lunatic Driver In Me

I would characterize myself as a pretty mellow go with flow type of person. I try to avoid conflict at all costs and like to remain neutral. I like these qualities about myself and have spent a lot of time meditating, and doing self-talk to be a calm person. There is one area that no matter how much I meditate, use my calming self-talk I cannot master being a mellow go with the flow person.

I have always known that I drive “hard,” that I like to be the leader, that I cannot stand driving behind large vehicles, and most importantly I cannot drive behind ugly beaters. This week, however; I was in a state of self-awareness when I was driving instead of my typical dissociative state. I noticed that I was retaining a lot of tension in my body while driving. I was clenching my jaw and my fists, my blood pressure was most certainly elevated, and I had racing thoughts in my head. I had no idea that I was this bad…


Once I was aware of my behavior I slowed it down, I controlled my thoughts and I became less reactive. I use to think that driving was a competition, and that people were out to get me. I sound like a lunatic, shamefully so.

My attempts at calming myself down while driving are not as productive as I would like. I asked myself what could help me remain mellow, ah ha!


If I put a heated massage cushion in my car that will help me feel relaxed. So I went on the trusty web and found an inexpensive but durable Heated Massage Cushion from Wagan. My vehicle relaxation shall start in approximately 7 days.