Moving Should Not Look Like a Game of Jenga

Moving Should Not Look Like a Game of Jenga

The other day while driving on the freeway, a Chevy pickup merged ahead of me. The Chevy had what appeared to be the entire contents of a small house.

imagesCALORGFDEach item was intricately stacked on top of another, like a dangerous game of Jenga, which had the most spectacular tie down system. The creative movers used a few ropes, about a dozen bungee cords, and what appeared to be a sheet to tie down their belongings. While observing the creative moving skills I slowed my vehicle, and merged a few lanes to the left to avoid becoming part of the furniture Jenga after-math.

The technique of getting everything in one trip was scary, unsafe, and probably illegal. The worst part were the tie downs. I would have felt a little more safe (if that was even possible) being on the road with the Chevy if they used proper tie downs, or the convenient, and easy to use Bed Net. A Bed Net is one of the most efficient cargo restraints for light trucks or utility vehicles.

Now enjoy the images of items tied down safely, ah much better!

utilitynet4 utilitynet1