How I Increased My Horse Power and Miles-Per-Gallon

How I Increased My Horse Power and Miles-Per-Gallon

Two years ago this month I replaced my faulty gas tank, before I experienced a minor vehicle explosion. The valve at the top of my gas tank had a crack in it. I have a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer, and with this model they could not replace the valve they had to replace the entire gas tank.

$1,700.00 later I had a new gas tank. My new gas tank has never seemed quite right. I get 100 miles per gallon less with the same size tank. I cannot wrap my mind around why this is the case. I called the dealership and they informed me that my gas tank is no longer under the warranty.

They dealership informed me that the tank is the same size as the old tank, and that I would need to come in for an evaluation. I have already given the dealership a ton of money. So I thought that I would try something different this time.

I took an alternative route and had CSG Motorsports install air intake and cat-back exhaust systems in my trailblazer.

ss-intake ss-catback

Not only has my horse power increased but I have also gained a few extra miles per gallon. I still need to figure out what is going on with my MPG’s but I am happy with the way my vehicle is performing now.