How ShelterLogic Stole My Heart

How ShelterLogic Stole My Heart

Our family reunion is celebrated in September annually in Texas. I have a very large and competitive family. We do not have an ordinary family reunion. There are embarrassing tee shirts made in the brightest of bright colors. Each member must participate in various competitions such as the relay, swimming contest, and various strength and endurance tasks.

The family reunion becomes a large competition that some members train 6 months in advance to win. Oh, it is quite the competition.  For this annual event to be a success there needs to be excellent organization, teamwork, and a planning committee. Equipment is a must! Along with equipment there needs to be shade from the intense sun.

Last year I was on the planning committee. I purchased two Sport Series Slant Leg Pop-Up Canopies  from ShelterLogic. Having these two shelters increased the quality of our family reunion by 100%.


The shelters were very easy to put up and take down, so easy in fact that I now take one camping or to the beach with me every time I go. ShelterLogic, has absolutely stolen my heart, so much in fact that I already have my next purchase picked out: the Pop-Up Gazebo.