The Woman Who Thought Nothing Could Slow Her Down

The Woman Who Thought Nothing Could Slow Her Down

 I previously stated that I drive hard, but I did not mention that my driving hard also meant fast. Not to blow my own spot but I cannot for the life of me go the speed limit. Five miles over is good, ten miles over is better, and fifteen miles over is best.


I just cannot seem to be contained by “limits” speed limits that is. Year-after-year I would get at least one speeding ticket. I became so good at getting pulled over I knew exactly what the officer was going to need and say. For example, “excuse me miss, do you know why I pulled you over today? Yes, officer for speeding. Do you know how much you were speeding over the limit? Uh… like five over? I clocked you at 86. Do you know what the speed limit is? Um…. 65 miles-per-hour officer. License, registration, and insurance please!”

I got so good at financially supporting the government that I would just roll down my window and say… “Here is my license, registration, and insurance, and yes I was speeding.”

I thought to myself this insanity must stop, but how I am not going to change my bad driving habits? Ah! A Radar Detector that is the solution. What an amazing piece of equipment this is. I can speed as long as traffic allows and be notified when I need to take it down a few notches to avoid the annual ticket.

Rocky Mountain Radar 120px-Det003_lgA

Rocky Mountain Radar produces one a top-of-the-line radar and laser detectors. I have had my RMR-C475 radar and laser detector for two years now and I haven’t received a speeding ticket in guess how my years? Two years, and my problem has been solved. No more “license, registration, and insurance please,” and thank you!