Women Look More Graceful With Side Steps

Women Look More Graceful With Side Steps

Last week I was at the super market buying produce. When I pulled into the parking lot there was a truck with a 6” lift, and much to my surprise a very petite woman getting into the passenger side.

She was wearing a sundress with stilettoes. Why is this important you may be asking yourself, oh I will get there I promise. The truck did not have sidesteps so this poor woman had to climb up into the truck.


I sat in my car to watch the whole production. This shall be interesting I thought to myself. I observed her grab the door handle, and jump up which she was able to do but her dress jumped up too, and all grace was lost. I chuckled to myself thinking that could all have been avoided if only the truck had side steps.

I just cannot believe that someone would spend money on a lift but not on side steps. How in the world are people supposed to get in-and-out of the truck without a struggle? Honestly, the last thing a woman wants is too look ridiculous while getting in a truck. This may cause a woman to reevaluate her wardrobe so her panties are seen by unsuspecting witnesses.


If you are interested in purchasing some side steps to prevent the panty show then I recommend back country 7000 series 3” nerf bars , from Back Country Accessories.