Ladies: Lets Get Our (T- Rex Billet) Grille On

Ladies:   Lets Get Our (T- Rex Billet) Grille On

Ladies, we all know how hard men are to buy for especially  if they are anything like my husband,  all he seems to want is food and beer.  Well I am not the best cook so that’s out,  which usually leads me down gift certificate row.  Gift certificates are convenient but  do not take much thought right? 


As I was thinking what to get my hubs for his birthday I was searching around you tube at “guy” videos, and came across  this video of how to install a T-Rex Billet Grille at home.  My mind started wandering,  wondering if I could borrow his truck for the day and install a T-Rex Billet Grille on it?  Can you imagine?  It would be amazing for him to tell his buddies that his wife did it! Wait, as I see on the video it says I need a helper.  So can you imagine him telling his buddy that not only did I install it,  but his friend’s wife helped?  Oh my, I  would love to be a fly on the wall to overhear that conversation.  T- Rex includes any hardware needed, the billet grille is custom fit, and installation takes about 15 min.   15 minutes?  How easy,  and what a story that will live on. This gift will never go forgotten.  Check  out the video here: