Aftermarket Seatbelts

For Jeep Owners In Need Of An Aftermarket Seatbelt, The Tri-Lock Seatbelt System By Beams  Industries Is Ideal

Have you ever seen someone driving a Jeep Wrangler down the highway with the doors off,  and no seat belt on?  Maybe not anymore but I was born in the 1970’s and  we were those people.  Yes,  the people with the kid in the open Jeep with no seat belt on anyone.  No,  my parents are not related,  and we are not from “that” part of the United States if you know what I mean,  as far as I have been told its just the way things were. 

beams image

Can you imagine seeing that sight driving down the highway in today’s time?  No doors,  no seatbelts,  and a 5 year old climbing from the front seat to the back in a convertible?  What about the choice words (if not jail) from the police officer?  Yikes.  Skip to 2013, there are aftermarket seat belts for these Jeeps  made by Beams Industries.  The Tri-Lock Seatbelt System is street legal, certified to DOT standards,  and makes going from the mud to the grocery store safe and convenient. Check out the video I found about them.