How I am Going to Preserve my Self-Esteem

 I Am Covering Our Outdoor Furniture With The Patio Furniture Covers By Budge Industries In Order To Preserve My Self-Esteem

Every Fall we, and by “we” I mean my husband, hikes our patio furniture in to the garage in preparation for winter.  He stacks it along the garage wall all the way to the top,  causing an extremely tight fit when both vehicles are parked in the garage,  so tight in fact that if I have a cheeseburger for lunch that day he has to back out of the garage in order for me to get in.


As I was searching the internet for a solution to our packed garage, I came across The Patio Furniture Covers by Budge Industries.   These all-weather covers cover chairs, barstools, chaise lounges, tables, and even the fire pit.  Here is the link if you would like to order some and preserve your wife’s self-esteem or your garage space.