If We Live In A Van Down By The River

We Can Keep Our Clothes Looking Nice Even If We Live In A Van Down By The River, With The Extendable Clothes Bar By Custom Accessories 

In the 1990’s there was a Saturday Night Live skit done by Chris Farley where he was a motivational speaker, attempting to convince teenagers that if they didn’t get their lives together they would end up “Living In A Van, Down By The River.”  It was really funny,  and  my husband and I (and now our son) often half joke that if the economy gets any worse, we are going to end up living in a van down by the river. 


I know how we are though, and even if we were homeless we would still work, doing something that required clean, fresh, clothes.  In the event that we move to the river I will demand that we have The Extendable Clothes Bar by Custom Accessories, it can expand to 60” and would keep our clothes hung, and looking nice in the event we needed them.  Shoot, on a day like today, when I have so many things to do that van fantasy sounds like a vacation.