Ban The Board To Load Your Vehicle

Ban The Board And Load Your Vehicle With Trailer Loading And Hauling Ramps By Race Ramps 

I have to admit that I have often wondered how vehicles are loaded on to trailers using  wood ramps. I guess I assumed that the people loading the vehicle would have many wood planks so that when one broke they would have a spare. But now that I think of it,  that would be a really intense situation if a Ferrari was being loaded and the wood plank broke, yikes. 

race ramps trailerSo if you have a Ferrari that you have been loading with wood planks, there is a solution to your potential problem. The Trailer Loading and Hauling Ramps by Race Ramps are made specifically for loading most vehicles safely, and on their website they offer an interactive calculator so that you can figure out what ramp you need. Here is the link to the Race Ramps Website,  which is a great site by the way.