Jane Has Done It Again

Jane Has Done It Again With Lloyd’s Rubbertite Custom Fit Floor Mats

 Our family made plans with my friend Jane and her family for the 4th of July. We decided that since they have two large SUV’s that the husband’s would ride up to the lake with the kids,  and Jane and I would ride together,  alone…. in peace and quiet.  Jane has 4 boys ranging from ages  6-12, 3 golden retrievers, and 4 horses.  I had ridden with my friend many times before and often wondered silently how she felt about her very expensive luxury SUV having mud and hay throughout it?


But this trip was different,  her entire SUV was covered in these very durable rubber mats,  and by the entire vehicle,  I mean the entire vehicle, even the humps that separate the passengers in the back seats!  Jane is a problem solver, and she also applies that part of her brain to shopping, and often times I am blown away by the awesome products she finds. Well Jane has done it again! I love her new floor mats. As we drove she told me all about them and where she bought them. They are Rubbertite Custom Fit Floor Mats by Lloyds Mats,  she bought them online at Sears, and here is the link.

Jane mentioned that it was super easy to order them, that they are custom fit for her vehicle, and that she  just takes them out of the vehicle when they need cleaning, throws  them on the ground and sprays them down with the hose in seconds. These mats are available for every car, truck, van, or SUV with 13 colors to choose from, and are custom fit for a vehicles passenger areas,  cargo, and trunk areas. Click the link to watch the video.