Marital Bliss

Marital Bliss With The Ventvisor Elite By Lund International

My husband and son both like to ride with the windows down; they have that in common with our dog who prefers to travel that way also. Since I am outnumbered we came to a compromise that since mommy doesn’t like it, we will drive with the windows down in town, and when we are on the freeway we will drive with them up with the a/c or heater on.


I have found a product to extend the compromise even further.  I am going to install The Ventvisor Elite from Lund International by myself and surprise them.  It is easily installed with the included automotive grade adhesive tape. This product allows fresh air to come in through a cracked window while protecting passengers from debris, rain, snow, etc. Now we can drive down the road with the ventilation that they guys are looking for, but not so much wind and noise that mom doesn’t care for! Now that’s marital bliss!