Camping Fail

Camping Fail Could Have Been Solved With An LED Light

We had a blast camping last weekend and the only challenging thing we faced was that at dark,  we realized that all of the flashlights were buried in our friend Joe’s truck,  under his hard-shell tonneau cover.  It was pitch black out and it was bed time for the kids who were standing by asking us why we couldn’t find the flashlights and why didn’t we use a flashlight to find them?!?! Needless to say after a long day of hiking, swimming, and cooking the adults were not in the mood to be digging blindly for the flashlights. 

When we arrived home yesterday, we had an email from Joe providing the link to the product he bought on the way home in order for that challenge to never happen again.  Here is the link to the LED Light Kit by Pop & Lock Corporation.









I checked it out and it’s awesome. This light kit is for any hard-shell tonneau cover, is cool to the touch due to no glass used, and is water resistant.  Its LED light lasts 10-20 times longer than a regular light bulb, and provides full coverage to the entire truck bed.  Nice find, Joe!