This Chair Is Just The Right Size

Large People Can Be Comfortable Camping With The Camping Chair By Rhino Rack

Our friends love to join us camping, however; recently they have been unable to get away for the weekend. They have an elderly parent who lives with them who is very large and prefers to sit most of the time. Their parent has been unable to camp comfortably because they have not had a camping chair that could accommodate his weight which is around 300lbs.


My friend sent me the link for The Camping Chair by Rhino Rack that will fit her father in-law. They are so pleased that they can join us camping again and that their parent can get in on the fun!  This chair can withstand up to 330lbs., has cup holders, and its carrying bag zips in to its top in order to provide a pillow.  Here is the link for this awesome camping chair by Rhino Rack.