Day Dreaming About an Easier Way to Clean my Car


Day Dreaming About an Easier Way to Clean my Car

If you are like me; a parent with messy kids keeping the car clean can be quite the task. Before I had children I thought that there was no way I would allow them to eat in my vehicle. Many of my “firm” beliefs before having children went out the window once the reality of parenthood kicked in. I realized that allowing my kids to eat in the car reduced fussiness and irritability helping maintain my sanity and preventing road range.

My poor truck has been through my children’s infancy, toddler-hood, and elementary school years.  During the infant period bottles of milk would go flying and would roll under the seats and remain unseen until the car started to smell like spoiled milk, yuck.  The worst part is that I have found spoiled milk under the car seats which is very difficult to clean.Newark_Rubber_4944

I feel that it is important to inform you that I am not a messy person, but life happens and messes are inevitable with kids. Now with that being said, I have spent some time daydreaming about a vehicle that I could remove the seats and have a complete rubber or plastic interior flooring; that I could just take soap, a hose, and a brush to and voila it is clean.

All the trips to the beach will be no big deal I can just sweep out the sand. Life would become so much more manageable and clean if I had a vehicle like this. Well, I don’t but I have come up with a solution. Newark Auto makes replacement rubber floor covering mats for older Chevy and Ford trucks, which is just my luck.  All I would have to do is install in my vehicle making clean-up easy with just a little soap and water. I know this seems like great lengths to go through but it is too late to tell my children that they cannot eat or drink in the car. I don’t have a completely rubber or plastic interior with removable seats so this is the next best thing. Newark Auto sells their products online at Sears and Kmart.