The Great Dane and the Carpets


I have a giant Great Dane who I love and adore. There are some down sizes to having such a big dog. I have to have a vehicle big enough for him, the family, and for the rest of our stuff. As mentioned, I am an outdoorsy woman who loves to be in nature.

Hiking is one of my family’s favorite activities, including the dogs. Most of my favorite hikes are in Tahoe so we have a little drive to get there. Kye, my gentle giant loves to play in water, mud, and oh yeah roll in other animals feces. That’s my favorite part, Ick! I do not have the capabilities to hose Kye down when we are hiking, so I just towel him off and clean the car later.

Lloyd Mats has a custom fit rubber mat for the back of my SUV. I bought this because I needed to save my carpets. If it gets dirty I can easily clean it and there is no damage done to my vehicle. I still towel Kye off but I don’t worry about all the damage from the ick he may bring in, which he does.


The Lloyd Mat image displays a burgundy cargo mat, but they come in a variety of colors and are available at Sears. They don’t come with the dog, but from my experience that may not be such a bad idea you could possibly keep your car clean.