Win a CarCapsule!


We were notified that CarCapsule is looking for new ideas and they want you to help.  If you are the chosen idea they will send you a free CarCapsule of your choice.

We at CarCapsule were having a brainstorming session the other day about new features or improvements that could be incorporated into the CarCapsule. In the past our brainstorming sessions have led to new things like the currently available Outdoor CarCapsule, and the ShowCase, which will be out later this year. They have also have led to other major decisions – like who is going on a donut run.

However, we understand great ideas – useful ideas – often come from our customers. For example, affixing “D- rings” to the top exterior area of the capsule so users could attach a rope/pulley system (mounted on their garage ceiling) to draw the upper portion of the CarCapsule up and away from the vehicle. So, users could unzip the capsule, draw the top up and away, and drive off. Upon returning – they reverse the process. Nifty. We’re looking at the idea.

We have decided to initiate a crowdsourcing project: An open call for your ideas. Do you have any ideas for new features or improvements to the CarCapsule? To make it worth your while we are going to hold a contest for best ideas. If your idea wins you will receive a CarCapsule of your choice. To enter the contest email your ideas to We will be collecting ideas through April 30, 2014 and will announce the winner in early May. Good luck and Happy Brainstorming.