Welcome to the Shopper Outlet Network Featured Stores section!  In this section we break up our product industries into individual market segments.  In some cases some industries, like automotive, have many market segments.  In each segment, we will display credible online retailers that you should know about, feel safe buying from, and are very focused at selling a broad range of products in this specific market segment.

Featured Big Box Retailers


Sears                                                                    Kmart

Featured Auto Chain Retailers


Sears Auto Centers                                                   AutoZone

Featured General Accessory Websites

Featured Store JC Whitney               

JC Whitney                                                    AutoAnything

Featured Performance Parts Websites


Summit Racing                                                            Jegs

Featured Replacement Parts Websites

US Auto Parts Featured Store                

US Auto Parts                                                           Rock Auto

Featured Truck Accessory Websites


StylinTrucks                                                   Truck Add Ons

Featured Stores Reference Section

The Shopper Outlet Network is here to provide you with an easier way to understand industry market segments for online retailers, and how knowing that information can help you get the best experience possible from a retailer.  We have noticed in the automotive industry for example, some retailers are good at selling certain market segment products, like Replacement Parts, but not able to properly sell General Accessories.  Because of this, we realized it was better for you to know, which online retailer did well per market segment.  Being that there are so many retailers, we thought it best to portray the most credible in each market segment.

While we are not trying to play favorites, we believe that user experience, relevant descriptive content, supporting documentation, high quality images, quick availability, and a fair retail price, are essential to being a featured retailer.  We also realize that in different market segments, the amount of information required to be a featured retailer will vary.

If you come across a retailer not listed here, or are an online retailer, and you believe you deserve to be a featured retailer, or want to participate further in the Shopper Outlet Network, please contact us directly.